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Oct 8, 2012 7:00am EDT
the size of government, and governor romney wants to shrink government and bring things back to the private sector. we sort of are modeling in our office that either candidate to win would be not have big effect short-term in the market place, but more of a long-term economic situation that would take place. in making government bigger with president obama, versus shrinking government with romney. >> >> you say long-term, so the day after the election or day after inauguration day, we're not likely to feel a direct impact on our personal finances? >> no. we don't think the markets will have much volatility about that. it's more of a long-term outlook down the road. short-term, we have the fiscal cliff, the debt ceiling debate, and what's going on over in europe that's going to present volatility. we're optimistic, because businesses and wall street needs clarity and direction and for some time it's been an environment of uncertainty. it's why you've seen stagnant in the employment numbers. gdp at 1.3%. the fed is keeping the interest rates very low now in order to make sure there's a backdr
Oct 12, 2012 9:00am EDT
who have become dependent on government. >> i'had it up to here with the notion 47% -- it's about time they take responsibility here. >> i think the vice president very well knows that sometimes the words don't come out of your mouth the right way. >> reporter: while republicans by and large gave the win to ryan, president obama made an unusual late night statement as he returned to the white house after campaigning in florida. >> i thought joe biden did great, and i couldn't be prouder of him. >> the white house really trying to play this up, even releasing a photograph of the president watching the debate last night on air force one. he and mitt romney are preparing for their final set of debates. they have two more. next one is tuesday, allison. we really have seen these debates play a very pivotal roll. romney got a bump after the last one. >> thank you. >>> a forr bus driver convicted of intentionally driving into a building is expected to learn her fate today. 41-year-old teresa douglas drove her bus through the employee line at the bus lot last december. prosecutors say she post
Oct 9, 2012 9:00am EDT
the left, some of us went right. the title i examined what i learned in chicago, smaller government, lower taxes, and looking at competition and competitiveness and capital and technology formulations and particularly since i'm a technologies, it made sense. >> you've had affiliations with many, many schools over a long period of time. i want to focus on this hillary clinton thing, if i can for a moment. because you make it clear that as you say, when that ticket wasn't united, when obama did not select clinton to be his running mate, that really kind of did it for you. would it be fair to say that was the final straw, if you want to put it that way? >> yeah. i was looking at how we were going to test the value of diversity in the white house. that was a unique opportunity. when you look at the tenets of the democratic party and minorities and women, i thought that was a perfect opportunity. when we couldn't come together on that, i was confused. >> why wasn't the fact that you had barack obama, the first african-american nominee of a major party for president, why didn't that take precede
Oct 8, 2012 9:00am EDT
protection. the government needs to protect the speaker and for those who say they want to engage in violence, we'll arrest you for engaging in the violence. >> they should be allowed on free speech grounds, but i think it's irresponsible. >> it's kind of a big thing to call somebody a savage, but this is america. it's freedom of speech. >> reporter: again, we don't know what time those ads are going to be posted today. metro did say it was not going to appeal the ruling and would comply with the judge's order which specify they need to be up by 5:00 this evening. there are three other stations that will be displaying the ads, georgia avenue, glenmont and takoma stations. just one ad in each station. police say they'll be ready in case there are protests, but they don't expect any. >>> less than a week after the first presidential debate, president obama joked with supporters in california over the weekend, admitting he may not have been at his best in denver. the president took time to criticize mitt romney, going after what he claims is romney's plan for $5 trillion in tax cuts and cuts to
Oct 12, 2012 7:00am EDT
again on government. >> i've had it up to here about the 47%. it's time they took responsibility. >> i think the vice president knows sometimes the words don't come out of your mouth the right way sometimes. >> reporter: president obama made anen unusual late night statement as he returned to the white house after campaigning in florida. >> i thought joe biden did great, and i couldn't be prouder. >> the white house is trying to play this up, even releasing a photograph of the president watching the debate last night on air force one. he and mitt romney, meantime, are preparing for their next debate on tuesday, one of the final two between the president and governor romney. that's the latest on the debate. allison, back to you. >> sherri ly, thank you. >>> the debate moderator martha raddic is getting praise and criticism for her role. the senior foreign affairs correspondent for abc news took a forceful approach to moderating the debate. she's winning reviews on social media for trying to keep the candidates to specifics. she's also getting complaints from republicans. >>> thank you,
Oct 11, 2012 9:00am EDT
, but over a decade, and i've had a very successful career. the organization is a federal government i.p. contractor, servicing both homeland security and the department of management and other agencies. and having great success stories, my mom said, you know, you gotta help the kids in the neighborhood, you know, you're latino, you gotta help the latino kids. and so i five years ago formed a nonprofit to foster the development of young latino kid in the inner city environments. and so i started this organization to foster the development in sports because i'm a former athlete. i was a gym newscast living in the get -- a gymnast, living in the getos of new york city which i think probably saved my life, the sports. i go overseas to show them another world, here's an opportunity, look at me. i came from nothing and you can do it too in terms of your focus and you're clear about where you're going, you can be very successful and i contracted viral meningitis. >> which is all in the news now, so we know how dangerous it is. but you sit here today a survivor, also overcame a brain aneurysm
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6